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How much does it cost to play volleyball at a club?

Why play in a volleyball club?

If you want to know how much does volleyball cost. to play volleyball at a club, you’re almost ready to take the plunge! Whether you want to compete, progress, socialize, or stay physically fit, there are many reasons to join a volleyball club. We could, for example, cite the fact that the values of volleyball make it one of the favorite team sports of the French! But then, how much does it cost to play volleyball at a club?

In this article, we have listed for you all the costs involved in a year of club volleyball so that you can plan your budget.

The price of a volleyball club license:

To play in a volleyball club, free yourself from the cost of the volleyball license. This annual license includes registration for certain competitions supervised by the French Volleyball Federation, depending on your level of competition. The prices of volleyball licenses also vary according to the regions and find volleyball clubs near me, clubs, and levels concerned (and therefore ages).

As a sign, we advise you to plan between €130 and €230 for the annual registration license for a volleyball club for an adult wishing to play in a competition. It varies almost from simple to double, but it already gives you an order of magnitude. What will impact the price of your volleyball license is your category, your level of competition, the club, etc. The volleyball license is the most expensive. So if you are wondering how much it costs to play volleyball, fear not; this article is here to help.

How much does the equipment cost to play for a volleyball club?

It’s good; you paid for your volleyball license, and you think you’re ready to play in a volleyball club? Have you thought about the equipment necessary for a healthy and regular practice? Whether you are a libero, passer, receiver-attacker, sharp, or central, invest in some volleyball equipment to put yourself in the best conditions.

Volleyball shoes represent a major expense item that is important to consider before getting started. I assure you that you need shoes that are specific to the practice of volleyball (or basketball). Good-quality volleyball shoes will cost you around $60 for the entry-level. Pay between €80 and €140 for the most expensive and recent models.

The vast majority of volleyball players wear knee pads suitable for indoor volleyball. These knee pads can be therapeutic (to treat patellar syndrome, for example) or “comfort” to avoid excessive shocks and limit the violence of impacts on the ground. There are very good knee pads for €20.

Volleyball jerseys and shorts are essential for practicing the sport. Specialized brands like Mizuno or Errea will charge you between 25 and €50 for a complete set of jerseys. Smaller budgets can go to Decathlon, Gosport, etc. The quality is more than correct, and the prices are accessible. Classic sports equipment will start at a volleyball club.

For the socks, I again recommend specific equipment adapted to the practice of volleyball. Football socks won’t do. Basketball, volleyball, or handball socks will suit you perfectly. It’s a small expense, and it takes €8 for a specific volleyball pair that will last you all year.

Finally, how much does it cost to play volleyball?

There you go. Now you know everything you need to know to join a volleyball club. Below, I summarize the costs to be expected as a general rule for an adult aged > 18 years old. Of course, these are estimates that will give you a first impression, but each club is different.

License price 150-€230
Volleyball shoes €60–140
Volleyball jersey 3x €20
Volleyball knee pads cost €20.
Volleyball socks and sleeves (3 x €8)
Total for playing in a volleyball club €320–€475


We reassure you right away: it is quite possible to play in a volleyball club for less than that! The most expensive will always be the license, followed by the shoes. They can be found for $60 new, just as you most likely already have a few sports t-shirts that you can use. We hope to see you soon in the gym!

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