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On this blog dedicated to tennis enthusiasts, but also to those who are just starting out, you will find a lot of valuable information. We are committed to presenting the history of tennis and its current events to you to pass on our passion. Fans of this racket sport will no doubt appreciate our technical advice and exercises to improve their performance. For you to practice tennis in the best conditions, we also address health issues in tennis. And as tennis requires very specific equipment, we offer you a complete tennis buying guide!

The history of tennis

Tennis descends from an evolution of the Jeu de Paume, known since the Middle Ages. The monks had fun throwing a leather ball in their hands against the walls of the large rooms of the monastery. In the 16th century, the first racket was invented, with a string of sheep’s gut, which made the game less painful for the hands. Two branches of the Jeu de Paume gradually distinguished themselves, one oriented towards tennis (without a wall) and the other towards Basque pelota and modern squash.

The Jeu de Paume with racket, indoors or outdoors, conquered the French nobility. François Ier or Henri IV were more assiduous in this game than in political affairs!

Then this activity spread elsewhere in Europe and on other continents. It is from his English expatriation that the current name of tennis comes. The service was accompanied by the word “hold”, deriving in “teneys”, with the British accent. The English aristocrats preferred the name “tennis” to “Jeu de Paume”.

On February 23, 1874, Major Walter Clopton Wingfield patented what he called Lawn-Tennis, in London. He marketed a box, comprising four rackets, a net and its stakes, as well as bands to delimit the ground. A year later, effective rules were drafted and formalized. In 1877, the first Lawn-Tennis championship took place in England: the beginnings of the Wimbledon tournament!

Tennis has kept some codes from its aristocratic origins: silence from the public, ball boys, motionless judges, elegant dress code, restraint on the part of the players (we have never seen a Grand Slam winner running around the court, screaming bare-chested…).

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