Streaming Platforms for Cricket Asia Cup 2023

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Streaming Platforms for Asia Cup 2023

In recent years, the popularity of sports streaming platforms has surged, revolutionizing the way fans consume live sports events. With the highly anticipated Asia Cup 2023 on the horizon, cricket enthusiasts are eager to know which streaming platforms will be offering live coverage of the tournament. This article explores the top streaming platforms that will bring the excitement of Asia Cup 2023 to viewers across the world.

1. SportsOneWorld

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2. ESPN+

ESPN+ is a leading sports streaming platform that has gained immense popularity for its comprehensive coverage of various sports events. For the Asia Cup 2023, ESPN+ has secured the rights to stream all the matches live, ensuring fans don’t miss a single moment of the action.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar, a subsidiary of Disney+, has emerged as one of the most preferred streaming platforms in Asia. Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of Asian audiences, and Hotstar understands this sentiment. It will be streaming the Asia Cup 2023 matches live, catering to the massive cricket fanbase across the continent.

4. Willow TV

Willow TV has been a prominent streaming platform for cricket enthusiasts in the United States and Canada. With its exclusive focus on cricket, Willow TV is set to provide live coverage of the Asia Cup 2023 for fans in North America.

5. Sky Sports

Cricket fans in the United Kingdom can rejoice as Sky Sports has acquired the rights to broadcast the Asia Cup 2023. Known for its excellent sports coverage, Sky Sports will bring the tournament live to millions of viewers in the UK.

6. SonyLIV

SonyLIV, the digital platform of Sony Pictures Networks India, is a popular choice for cricket fans in India. With its user-friendly interface and high-quality sport streaming, it is an ideal platform for viewers to catch all the Asia Cup 2023 matches.

7. SuperSport

For viewers in Sub-Saharan Africa, SuperSport will be the go-to platform for streaming the Asia Cup 2023. SuperSport’s extensive coverage and expert analysis add to the overall viewing experience.

8. FanCode

FanCode, a subsidiary of Dream Sports, is gaining momentum as a comprehensive sports streaming platform in India. It has acquired the rights to stream the Asia Cup 2023, offering an immersive experience to cricket fans.

9. PTV Sports

PTV Sports, the state-owned sports channel in Pakistan, will be broadcasting the Asia Cup 2023 matches live for cricket enthusiasts in the country. It remains one of the top choices for fans in Pakistan to follow their favorite sport.

10. Rabbithole

Rabbithole, a digital platform in Bangladesh, will be streaming the Asia Cup 2023, catering to the growing number of cricket enthusiasts in the country. It provides a seamless streaming experience for viewers.

11. YuppTV

YuppTV is an OTT platform that caters to the South Asian diaspora across the world. For fans in countries where other streaming options might not be available, YuppTV will be broadcasting the Asia Cup 2023 matches live.

12. YouTube

Cricket boards, including the Asian Cricket Council, often stream matches live on their official YouTube channels. Cricket fans who cannot access other platforms can enjoy the Asia Cup 2023 matches on YouTube.

13. ESPN Player

ESPN Player is an online streaming service that covers a range of sports events, including cricket. Viewers in regions where other streaming platforms might not be accessible can turn to ESPN Player for Asia Cup 2023 coverage.

14. Kayo Sports

Australian viewers can rely on Kayo Sports for live coverage of the Asia Cup 2023. With its user-friendly interface and multiple viewing options, Kayo Sports ensures an enjoyable streaming experience.

15. Facebook Watch

Social media giant Facebook has also entered the sports streaming arena with Facebook Watch. While not available in all regions, viewers in certain areas might find Asia Cup 2023 matches streamed live on this platform.

16. Twitch

Twitch, primarily known as a platform for streaming video games, has also ventured into sports streaming. Cricket enthusiasts can explore Twitch to watch the Asia Cup 2023 matches and engage with fellow fans.


The Asia Cup 2023 is set to be an unforgettable cricketing event, and sports streaming platforms around the world are gearing up to deliver live coverage to millions of cricket enthusiasts. Whether you’re in Asia, North America, Europe, or any other part of the world, there are several streaming platforms to choose from to catch all the action as it unfolds.


  • Can I watch Asia Cup 2023 matches on YouTube for free?
    • Yes, some cricket boards might offer live streaming of the matches on their official YouTube channels for free.
  • Which streaming platform is best for viewers in the USA to watch the Asia Cup 2023?


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