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Massive controversy in PSL 2024! Hawk-Eye issues statement on wrong dismissal and apologizes to PCB

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The ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 has encountered a significant controversy, raising questions about the reliability of technology in cricket matches. The dispute unfolded during the match between Quetta Gladiators and Islamabad United at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium on February 19th.

In the 11th over of the second innings, a contentious moment arose when Agha Salman delivered a full delivery to Rilee Rossouw. Rossouw attempted a sweep shot but missed, resulting in the ball striking his pads. Initially, the on-field umpire adjudged Rossouw out, but the batsman opted for a Decision Review System (DRS) referral.

Upon review, the Hawk-Eye technology displayed that the ball was not projected to hit the stumps, overturning the on-field decision. However, the visual representation contradicted the initial perception, sparking widespread debate among players and spectators.

Islamabad United’s captain, Shadab Khan, expressed frustration at the decision, questioning the accuracy of the technology. He voiced his concerns to the umpire, asserting that the replay appeared to indicate an out decision. Khan’s discontent persisted even after the match, where he attributed the team’s loss partially to the erroneous technology.

In a post-match interview, Khan criticized the technology, alleging that the team was shown a different ball during the review process. He emphasized the importance of accuracy in such high-stakes tournaments and called for accountability in technological systems.

The controversial decision proved consequential, as Rilee Rossouw’s subsequent innings significantly influenced the match’s outcome. Rossouw’s unbeaten knock of 34 runs propelled Quetta Gladiators to victory, leaving Islamabad United to rue the missed opportunity.

In the aftermath of the match, Hawk-Eye issued a formal apology to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for the erroneous decision. The technology acknowledged a human error in the ball tracking data, admitting that incorrect information was broadcasted. This admission of fault prompted reflection on the need for stringent quality control measures in cricket technology.

Hawk-Eye, a trusted component of the Decision Review System (DRS), has been integral to modern cricket since its introduction in 2008. However, the recent controversy underscores the imperative of maintaining reliability and accuracy in technological advancements in the sports.

PSL fans eager to catch the action through PSL live streaming platforms also witnessed this tumultuous event, prompting discussions about the role of technology in shaping cricket’s future.


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