AIBA World Boxing Championships 2023

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International Boxing Federation

AIBA welcomes the decision to include boxing in the European Games (EG) 2023 program. Boxing is part of the EG 2023 program in Kraków-Maopolska, Poland. Thus, it will be the third edition of boxing after successful tournaments in Baku in 2015 and Minsk in 2019. 50 countries will take part in the competition.

AIBA President Umar Kremlev welcomed the decision to include boxing in the program and claimed that the competition has great significance for the sport. “Boxing has been a part of EG from the start; we enjoy the brilliant performance of our top-level athletes and organization. We are delighted to see our sport in the third edition of this prestigious competition. Our athletes are proud to be awarded the title of EG champion,” said Kremlev.
We held the AIBA Young Men’s and Women’s World Championships in Poland this year. I’m sure it will be a great tournament because I saw a lot of courage and dedication from the Polish Boxing Federation and the Organizing Committee. I have no doubts about holding a high standard of EG,” he added.

The President of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC), Franco Falcinelli, stated that the EUBC is very pleased to take part with the best athletes in EG III. “Since Baku 2015, we have been strong supporters of this long-awaited competition, which has delivered an extraordinary message to continental Olympic sport regarding innovation, capacity, and organizational sustainability. In addition, at the European James Mink II 2019, the EOC (European Olympic Committees) has proven to make the European Games an attractive international event by combining sporting events with communication, tourism, and culture. I am sure that the EOC and the Krakow 2023 Organizing Committee will offer the best of Poland’s great culture and sporting traditions,” said Falcinelli.

“On behalf of the EUBC, I thank EOC President Neils Nygaard and Secretary General Raffaele Pagnozzi for saving the resources that our National Federation can allocate for the promotion of boxing, out of respect for all athletes, men and women, who deserve to compete at the continental level to the fullest. To make boxing at the EG III 2023 Games more interesting, we will try to get AIBA and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to consider Krakow 2023 as the Paris 2024 Olympic Qualifying Tournament,’ concluded Mr. Falcinelli.

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