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Hockey Game or Match

Hockey is played with great enthusiasm in every city, town, and village of our country. Every year, our school organizes the Hockey Gold Cup tournament. They selected the best players from the school for this match. The competition is very exciting for all the schools. There was an interesting match between our school and Cambridge High School the last few days. It was the final match between the two teams, and the decisions of the first and second teams were to be announced. They organized this match at Gaddafi Stadium. Because of the importance of the match, the students of both schools were given leave. Before the start of the match, the students of both schools had reached the stadium and were eager to start the game. And were waiting impatiently.

The official start of the match

There was noise and commotion in the stadium. Meanwhile, the start of the match was formally announced over the loudspeaker. Both teams appeared in the play. All the players on both sides looked very fit. Every player from both teams was planning to play hard. The Cambridge School team won the toss and started the game. The students sitting around the stadium were encouraging their respective teams.

First round

The game was in full swing. Every player was trying his best to throw the ball toward the opposing team’s goal. Step by step, the players of the opposing team were trying to block the way for our school team. But a player on our team, Imran Azim, went ahead with great intelligence and movement, outselling all the players of the Cambridge School team, and scored a goal after a lot of effort. When our team scored a goal, all the school students burst into the stadium and shouted. This motivation further improved their performance. The opposing team also kept trying to score. The referee was keeping a close watch on the movements of each player. Whenever a player violated the rules and regulations, he would immediately be informed by blowing the whistle. All the players taking part in the game got ample opportunity to showcase their skills during the game. Whenever a player performed well, the audience gave him hearty applause.

Our win

In the first half of the game, our team had one goal and the Cambridge School team had no goals. The game resumed after the first half. The opposing team tried hard to score but failed. Thus, our team won with one goal. The players performed brilliantly. The players covered the field of play and thwarted every move of the opposing team. Finally, the players were rewarded for their good performance, and our school won the trophy for the match. The Cambridge High School team finished second. It was an interesting match. I enjoyed this match.

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