Release of Premier League 2023–24 schedule

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Premier League

View the schedule for all 380 games for the next season, which begins on August 11.

Release of the Premier League 2023–24 schedule

The dates for all 380 Premier League 2023 games are listed below. The schedule for 2023–2024 has been released.

Unless otherwise specified, midweek matches start at 19:45 BST, and weekend and holiday fixtures at 15:00 BST.

Utilize the digital premier league fixtures table to stay current on all the games.

Friday, August 11, 2023, 20:00
Burnley vs. Man City (Sky Sports),

Saturday, August 12, 2023, at 12:30 (TNT Sports):
Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest
West Ham at AFC Bournemouth; Luton Town at Brighton
Crystal Palace vs. Sheffield United; Everton vs. Fulham
Newcastle vs. Aston Villa, 17:30 (Sky Sports)

Sunday, August 13, 2023, 2 p.m.
Brentford vs. Spurs (Sky Sports),
Chelsea vs. Liverpool (Sky Sports), 16:30

Monday, August 14, 2023
Man Utd vs. Wolves (Sky Sports),

Sunday, August 19, 2023
Everton vs. Aston Villa
Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace
Brentford vs. Fulham
AFC Bournemouth and Liverpool
Burnley vs. Luton Town
Newcastle vs. Manchester City
Notts Forest versus Sheffield United
Man Utd vs. Spurs
Chelsea vs. West Ham
Brighton vs. Wolves

Sunday, August 26, 2023
Spurs vs. AFC Bournemouth
Gunners vs. Fulham
Crystal Palace at Brentford
West Ham at Brighton
Aston Villa at Burnley
Luton Town vs. Chelsea
Wolves at Everton
Man U.S. vs. Nottingham Forest
Tottenham versus Liverpool
Man City vs. Sheffield United

September 2, 2023
Man Utd vs. Arsenal
AFC Bournemouth plays Brentford.
Newcastle versus Brighton
Spurs vs. Burnley
Notts Forest at Chelsea
Wolves at Crystal Palace
Aston Villa vs. Liverpool
West Ham at Luton Town
City vs. Fulham
Everton vs. Sheffield United

6th of September, 2023
Chelsea vs. AFC Bournemouth
Crystal Palace at Aston Villa
Tottenham vs. Arsenal
Luton Town vs. Fulham
Brighton vs. Manchester United
Tottenham vs. Brentford
Burnley vs. Nottingham Forest
Sheff United vs. Spurs
Man City at West Ham
Liverpool vs. Wolves

23 September 2023 on a Saturday
Gunners vs. Spurs
Everton vs. Brentford
AFC Bournemouth plays Brighton.
Man Utd at Burnley
Aston Villa vs. Chelsea
Fulham vs. Crystal Palace
West Ham vs. Liverpool
Wolves at Luton Town
Notts Forest vs. Manchester City
Newcastle vs. Sheff United

30 September 2023 on a Saturday
Arsenal vs. AFC Bournemouth
Brighton vs. Aston Villa
Luton Town vs. Everton
Chelsea vs. Fulham
Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United
Burnley vs. Newcastle
Brentford vs. Nottingham Forest
Liverpool vs. Spurs
Sheff Utd against West Ham,
Wolves vs. Manchester City,
Brighton, Vs. Aston Villa
Everton plays Luton Town.
Tottenham vs. Chelsea
Crystal Palace versus Manchester United
Newcastle plays Burnley.
Nottingham Forest and Brentford
Liverpool at Tottenham
Wolves vs. Manchester City, West Ham at Sheff Utd

Sunday, October 7, 2023
City at Arsenal
Liverpool vs. Brighton
vs Burnley
Notting Hill Forest at Crystal Palace
Everton takes on AFC Bournemouth.
Sheff United vs. Fulham
Spurs play at Luton Town.
Man U versus Brentford
Newcastle plays West Ham.
Wolves take on Aston Villa.

21 October 2023 on a Saturday
Wolves play at AFC Bournemouth.
West Ham versus Aston Villa
vs Brentford
Tottenham vs. Arsenal
Liverpool versus Everton
City vs. Brighton
Tottenham vs. Newcastle
Nottingham Forest versus Luton Town
Sheff United versus Man
Fulham vs. Spurs

October 28th, Saturday, 2023
Burnley vs. AFC Bournemouth
Sheff United versus Arsenal
Luton Town plays Aston Villa.
Brighton plays Fulham.
against Brentford and Chelsea
Spurs vs. Crystal Palace
Nottingham Forest at Liverpool
City vs. United
West Ham versus Everton
Norwich versus Wolves

4 November 2023 on a Saturday
vs Brentford
Crystal Palace versus Burnley
Everton versus Brighton
Man Utd at Fulham
Liverpool play Luton Town.
Manchester City and AFC Bournemouth
Tottenham vs. Newcastle
Aston Villa at Notts Forest
Wolves at Sheff United
Chelsea at Tottenham

11 November 2023 on Saturday
Newcastle will play AFC Bournemouth.
Burnley vs. Arsenal
Vs. Fulham, Aston Villa
Sheff United versus Brighton
City vs. Chelsea
Everton at Crystal Palace
Brentford vs. Liverpool
Luton Town vs. Manchester United
Nottingham Forest at West Ham
Spurs v. Wolves

Sunday, November 25, 2023
Tottenham vs. Arsenal
West Ham vs. Burnley
Man Utd vs. Everton
Wolves vs. Fulham
Crystal Palace at Luton Town
Liverpool vs. Manchester City
Chelsea vs. Newcastle
Brighton vs. Nottingham Forest
AFC vs. Sheff Utd. Bournemouth
Aston Villa vs. Spurs

Sunday, December 2, 2023
Aston Villa vs. AFC Bournemouth
Gunners vs. Wolves
Luton Town against Brentford
Sheff United vs. Burnley
Brighton vs. Chelsea
Fulham vs. Liverpool
City vs. Spurs
Man Utd versus Newcastle
Everton vs. Nottingham Forest
Crystal Palace at West Ham

December 5, 2023, Tuesday
Man City at Aston Villa
Brentford vs. Brighton
Newcastle vs. Everton
Man City at Chelsea
Notts Forest at Fulham
Arsenal vs. Luton Town
Liverpool vs. Sheffield United
West Ham at Spurs
Crystal Palace vs. AFC Bournemouth,
Wolves vs. Burnley at 0:00

Wednesday, December 6, 2023,
20:00, Manchester United vs. Chelsea,

Sunday, December 9, 2023
Arsenal against Aston Villa
Burnley vs. Brighton
Chelsea vs. Liverpool
Chelsea vs. Everton
West Ham vs. Fulham
Man City at Luton Town
AFC Bournemouth and Manchester United
Brentford vs. Sheffield United
Newcastle vs. Spurs
Nottingham Forest vs. Wolves

Sunday, December 16, 2023
Luton Town vs. AFC Bournemouth
Tottenham vs. Arsenal
Aston Villa vs. Brentford
Everton against Burnley
Sheff United vs. Chelsea
Man Utd versus Liverpool
a Manchester City-Crystal Palace match
Durham against Fulham
Spurs vs. Nottingham Forest
Wham vs. Wolves

23 December 2023, on a Saturday
Sheff United at Aston Villa
Brighton vs. Crystal Palace
Burnley plays Fulham.
Tottenham vs. Liverpool
Newcastle play Luton Town.
City vs. Brentford
Notts Forest vs. AFC Bournemouth
Everton at Tottenham
Man Utd against West Ham
Arsenal vs. Wolves

26th day of December 2023
Fulham play AFC Bournemouth.
Gunners vs. Hammers
vs. Brentford
Tottenham at Brighton
Liverpool vs. Burnley
Crystal Palace against Chelsea
City at Everton
Aston Villa against Manchester United
Newcastle and Nottingham Forest
Luton Town against Sheffield United

30 December 2023, on a Saturday
Vs. Burnley: Aston Villa
vs. Brentford: Crystal Palace
Arsenal vs. Fulham
Tottenham vs. Liverpool
Chelsea vs. Luton
Sheff Utd vs. Manchester City
Nottingham Forest vs. Manchester United
AFC Bournemouth versus Spurs
West Ham vs. Brighton
Wolves vs. Everton,

Saturday, January 13, 2024
AFC Bournemouth vs. Liverpool,
Crystal Palace at Arsenal
Notts Forest vs. Brentford
Wolves at Brighton
Luton Town vs. Burnley
Fulham vs. Chelsea
Aston Villa vs. Everton
United vs. Spurs
Man City vs. Newcastle
West Ham vs. Sheffield United
Fixtures will be spread out throughout the weekends of January 13 and 20.

January 30, 2024,
Aston Villa will play Newcastle.
Everton against Fulham
Brighton at Luton Town
Nottingham Forest at Arsenal
Brentford vs. Spurs
AFC Bournemouth plays West Ham.
Wolves vs. Manchester United
Crystal Palace vs. Sheffield United

January 31, 2024,
Liverpool will face Chelsea, and at 20:00,
Manchester City will face Burnley at 20:00.

February 3, 2024,
AFC Bournemouth will play Notts Forest.
Liverpool vs. Arsenal
Tottenham vs. Manchester City
Crystal Palace at Brighton
Fulham vs. Burnley
Wolves at Chelsea
Spurs vs. Everton
West Ham at Manchester United
Luton Town vs. Newcastle
Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United

February 10, 2024
Aston Villa vs. Manchester United
Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace
AFC Bournemouth plays Fulham.
Burnley vs. Liverpool
Sheff United vs. Luton Town
Everton vs. Manchester City
Newcastle vs. Nottingham Forest
Brighton vs. Spurs
Arsenal vs. West Ham
Brentford vs. Wolves

February 17, 2024,
Brentford will play Liverpool.
Tottenham vs. Arsenal
Crystal Palace vs. Everton
Aston Villa vs. Fulham
Man Utd vs. Luton Town
Chelsea vs. Manchester City
AFC against Newcastle-Bournemouth
West Ham vs. Nottingham Forest
Brighton vs. Sheff United
Wolves vs. Spurs

February 24, 2024,
Manchester City will play AFC Bournemouth.
Newcastle vs. Arsenal
Notts Forest vs. Aston Villa
Everton vs. Brighton
Spurs vs. Chelsea
Burnley vs. Crystal Palace
Luton Town vs. Liverpool
United vs. Fulham
Brentford vs. West Ham
Sheff Utd against Wolves

March 2, 2024,
Brentford vs. Chelsea,
AFC Bournemouth and Burnley
West Ham vs. Everton
Brighton vs. Fulham
Aston Villa at Luton Town
Man Utd vs. Man City
Wolves at Newcastle
Derby County at Liverpool
Arsenal vs. Sheffield United
Crystal Palace vs. Spurs

March 9, 2024,
Sheff United at AFC Bournemouth,
Tottenham vs. Arsenal
Spurs vs. Aston Villa
Notts Forest at Brighton
Newcastle vs. Chelsea
Luton Town vs. Crystal Palace
Man City vs. Liverpool
United vs. Everton
Burnley at West Ham; Wolves at Fulham

Sunday, March 16, 2024
Chelsea vs. Arsenal
Man City at Brighton
Brentford vs. Brentley
Tottenham vs. Newcastle
Liverpool vs. Everton
Spurs vs. Fulham
Nott’m Forest at Luton Town
Sheff United at Manchester United
Aston Villa at West Ham
AFC Bournemouth vs. Wolves

March 30, 2024,
Everton vs. AFC Bournemouth
Wolves at Aston Villa
Man Utd at Brentford
Burnley vs. Chelsea
Brighton vs. Liverpool
Arsenal vs. Manchester City
West Ham vs. Newcastle
Crystal Palace at Notts Forest
Fulham vs. Sheffield United
Luton Town vs. Spurs

Tuesday, April 2, 2024,
Crystal Palace vs. AFC Bournemouth
Luton Town at Arsenal, Brentford at Brighton
Wolves at Burnley, Nottingham Forest at Fulham
Spurs vs. West Ham

Wednesday, April 3, 2024,
Man Utd at Chelsea
Liverpool vs. Sheffield United at 20:00,
Newcastle vs. Everton at 20:00
Man City vs. Aston Villa at 20:00

April 6, 2024,
Brentford at Aston Villa,
Tottenham vs. Arsenal
Man City at Crystal Palace
Burnley vs. Everton
Newcastle vs. Fulham
AFC Bournemouth plays Luton Town.
Liverpool vs. Manchester United
Chelsea vs. Sheffield United
Notts Forest vs. Spurs
West Ham vs. Wolves

April 13, 2024,
AFC Bournemouth vs. Manchester United on
Aston Villa against Arsenal
Sheff United vs. Brentford
Brighton vs. Burnley
Everton vs. Chelsea
Crystal Palace at Liverpool
Luton Town, Manchester City
Spurs vs. Newcastle
Wolves vs. Nott’m Forest
Fulham vs. West Ham

Sunday, April 20, 2024
against AFC Bournemouth and Aston Villa
Sussex against Chelsea
West Ham at Crystal Palace
Notts Forest at Everton
Liverpool vs. Fulham
Brentford vs. Luton Town
Newcastle vs. Manchester United
Burnley vs. Sheffield United
Man City at Spurs
Arsenal vs. Wolves

April 27, 2024
Brighton vs. AFC Bournemouth
Arsenal vs. Chelsea
Brentford vs. Everton
Crystal Palace at Fulham
United vs. Burnley
Newcastle vs. Sheff Utd,
Nottingham Forest vs. Manchester City
Gunners vs. Spurs
Liverpool vs. West Ham
Luton Town vs. Wolves

Sunday, May 4, 2024
AFC Bournemouth and Arsenal
Fulham at Brentford
Aston Villa at Brighton
Tottenham vs. Newcastle
West Ham at Chelsea
Man Utd versus Crystal Palace
Spurs vs. Liverpool
Everton vs. Luton Town
City vs. Wolves
Nott’m Forest vs. Sheff Utd

May 11, 2024,
Brentford against AFC Bournemouth
Liverpool vs. Aston Villa
Sheff United at Everton
Man City at Fulham
Arsenal vs. Manchester United
Durham vs. Brighton
Derby County at Chelsea
Burnley vs. Spurs
Luton Town at West Ham
Wolves at Crystal Palace

Sunday, May 19, 2024,
6:00: Brentford vs. Newcastle
6:00: Brighton vs. Manchester United
6:00: Burnley vs. Nottingham Forest
6:00: Chelsea vs. AFC Bournemouth
6:00: Aston Villa plays Crystal Palace
6:00: Liverpool vs. Wolves
6:00: Luton Town vs. Fulham
6:00: West Ham vs. Man City
6:00: Spurs vs. Sheffield United

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